Education for Social Reform:

  • To cultivate the new generation with the distinct education from the early childhood so as to enhance the ethical, moral and religious values of the Society
  • To educate young generation according to the basic principles of Islam, beyond sectarianism and prejudice.
  • Facilitation of the latest school Curriculum and Teachers to the religious institutions (madaris) so as to produce Muslim scholars.
  • Establishment of identically modern and standardized technical, non- technical and professional institutes.
  • To convert beggar children into workers and workers into students.
  • To help orphan and deserving students educationally, financially and socially to excel in instructive fields.
  • Formation of curricular and co-curricular activities so as to develop the strong mental, psychological and spiritual character of the youngsters.

Physical and Psychological Health Education for Social Reform:

  • Promotion of sense of cleanliness and health education to the public so as to; make bigger use of health facilities.
  • Create possibilities to systematize free medical aid to poor patients, free medical camps in slum areas, blood bank, dispensaries and hospitals.
  • To make access of poor students to the medical institutes, Research-Centers, Medicine and Pathology laboratories, pharmacy and medical training centers.
  • To set a trend of medicine other than allopathic like, herbal and Homeopathy etc. for the convenience of public.
  • To held refresher courses and seminars etc. on modern Medicine and Public Health.
  • To help in Treatment of the intoxicants.
  • To create favorable circumstance and peaceful environment for the depressed figures of the society and establishing Career Centers

Other Social Reforms:

  • Guardianship to widow and orphan females within the prescribed Islamic limits and helping them get good finance through different jobs and skill centers.
  • Circumstantial help in remarrying widow and divorced women.
  • Help to the disable in education and employment.
  • Constitution of Public Libraries.
  • Activities on Art, Literature and Education to the retired and old figures of the society.
  • Building separate prayer-places of females in public places like shopping Malls and parks etc.
  • Founding of children Complexes for the Co. Curricular, Social and community activities.